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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Tribunal located?

It is situated at 31-35 Bow St, Dublin 7, D07 P8KD at the junction with North King St. Click here to a location map

How do I make a claim?

You may make a claim by submitting a completed application form to the Tribunal. Forms are available from the Tribunal Office or may be downloaded from this site

Are there time limits on making a claim?

Yes. These are set out in section 4 (14), (15) and (16) of the Hepatitis C Compensation Tribunal Act, 1997. Please see under Acts and Statutory Instruments.

Am I entitled to Legal Representation in bringing my claim, and if so, who will discharge my legal costs?

You may appear in person or be represented by Counsel or Solicitor before the Tribunal. Where the Tribunal makes an award to a Claimant it shall award to the Claimant any reasonable costs and expenses incurred in taking the claim

How is my claim dealt with?

When the Tribunal has received all documentation on which the claim is based it will allocate a hearing date to the claim

Who will hear my claim?

A minimum of two ( but usually three ) members of the Tribunal

Where do hearings of the Tribunal take place and are they held in Public?

Hearings take place in the Tribunal Offices in Dublin though from time to time other locations are used. All hearings take place in private and are not open to the public or the media

Is there a procedure whereby my claim can be settled?

Yes. Settlement arrangements are in operation. These are available in the Annual Report, which may be viewed on this site

If I am not satisfied with the decision of the Tribunal what can I do?

A Claimant may appeal to the High Court any decision made by the Tribunal